Here's Our Promise to You

iNtelli-Bill and their affiliates promise that regardless of the contracted fee structure,  all  claims will be filed  timely.   Followup on unpaid claims will be diligently performed to the highest standard possible without regard to cost.
Our Simple Flat Fee per Claim Saves Physicians Money!

 Complete Web Based Full Medical Billing Services with Practice Management by iNtelli-Bill.

The only one benefiting from percentage based billing is your billing service.  STOP paying the Physician Billing Tax”, a confiscatory practice of charging a percentage of collections, a tax, on every hard earned dollar. 

With our
flat rate structure, physicians pay only a small fee per claim or statement, regardless of the amount paid by insurance or the patient.   We'll still offer a percentage (tax) contract if that makes you more comfortable, but we highly recommend the new deal.   Top notch personal service and support is provided either way.

•Patient Payments FREE
•Small Flat Fee per Claim Includes Full Service  with Followup, Insurance Payment Posting.
•Billers Handle Patient Inquiries & Payment Plans
•Patient Statements and Pre-Collection Letters
•99.6% First Pass Claim Acceptance Rate as of  Dec, 2014

•Complete and Full Transparency

•American Based, No Offshore Outsourcing

ICD-10 Ready
•Use Our Robust Front Office Practice      Management System  HorizonMIS  FREE. •Includes Scheduling with Automated Electronic  Eligibility Verification, Integrated Credit Card,  HSA,  eCheck , ACH Checking Account Processing via TransFirst.
Integrated Patient Text, eMail  Notices and  Reminders,
•Extensive Reporting.
•HL7 Interfaces with your EHR/EMR.  SeVocity  and Praxis interfaces installed and supported  

     plus too much more to mention here

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